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5 Customer Care Trends for 2019

The end of 2018 is just around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to take a look at upcoming customer care predictions and trends. We’ve rounded up five things to look out for in 2019, each with the ability to have significant impact on customers and the way they interact with brands.

Customer-Centric Mindsets

Customer experience is no longer just a dedicated team within a company. In 2019, we’ll see more forward-thinking brands ensuring that every single department and process are completely focused on customer care. Companies like Nike, Ritz-Carlton and Disney are known for ingraining world-class customer service into their DNA. For example, Ritz-Carlton has implemented policies that empower their front-line employees to carry out their customer service vision at any opportunity possible. The best customer experiences happen when every person in the organization knows how their work impacts the customer.

Stronger Human Connections with Technology

Customer care is definitely changing. With new technologies, interactions are becoming faster and more efficient. Innovative brands are leveraging new technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) as a means to strengthen the human connection they have with their customers, rather than only viewing it as a cost and time saver. While AI takes care of the transactional elements, customer care teams have the ability to focus on the human and emotional components of the interaction. An emerging solution is predictive response selection for Customer Service Representatives. Often, brands have hundreds of templates to choose from for email responses, but AI can quickly narrow down the most relevant response for the specific type of interaction. Allowing customer care teams to focus on the human side of interactions solidifies customer relationships and creates unforgettable customer experiences.

Continuous Digital Transformation

Customers are craving connection to brands, and businesses are diving deeper into the customer journey before making big decisions about adding new technology. Companies are realizing that digital transformation isn’t just a “one and done” process - it’s a process that should never stop. With the goal of improving customer experiences, digital transformation should be continuously evolving as technology advances and customer expectations change. Brands are also asking themselves how new technology affects their employees - are newly implemented technology tools helping employees do better at their jobs? Does the culture reinforce a more efficient and productive workplace to support the new technology? These questions can make or break digital transformation success.

Importance on Insights & Analytics

In 2018, 70% of enterprises increased their spending on customer analytics solutions, and that number is predicted to rise. Companies who have access to valuable insights are taking action, tracking results, course-correcting their strategies and shifting goals on a consistent basis. Using this type of data to analyze every step of the customer journey helps to improve and personalize customer experiences and increase brand loyalty.

Focus on Security

As data breaches become more common, companies are focusing heavily on cybersecurity. Customers are demanding that their data is safe and brands are ensuring a comprehensive information security program is in place. There's a lot that goes into protecting the confidentiality, availability and integrity of this type of sensitive information, and more brands are taking precautions and working with their customer care partners to ensure processes and certifications are firmly in place.

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Customers want great experiences from brands they trust, and that isn’t going away in 2019. The new year is full of opportunity for companies to stay on top of customer expectations and stand out from the competition by exploring these trends. Those who do can expect increased customer satisfaction and brand advocates for years to come.

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