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Measuring Social Marketing

There are some doing it well, but it’s a still challenge many companies face. To be more specific, it can be difficult to measure its success. I’m a big advocate for going back to the basics, and first really understanding what the goal is. I was reading an article “B2B Social Media Metrics Need to Match Goals”, which supports this same notion. The article summarizes the results of a survey for measuring social media success, as seen in the graph.

Here are a few simple questions I tell people to keep in mind before defining success in the social space. It’s basic, but I find helps frame individual goals to identify true ROI.

  1. What are you company objectives?
  2. Do you have specific sales, service, or communication goals?
  3. Do any of the social media outlets support any of those goals?
  4. How do those outlets support those goals?
  5. How do those outlets measure up to the traditional methods of achieving your goals?
  6. Do you define success on how social compares to traditional, or on how social adds value?

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