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Pinterest for B2B Marketers

Currently managed by Cold Brew Labs, Pinterest is an online site that allows you to “pin” or place pictures, photographs, information, etc. in an organized and aesthetically pleasing way.

Contact Center Slang – You Said What? - Part 2

I recently returned back to work from the Astute Solutions 2012 Customer Conference. After spending a few days with industry experts, I felt it was time to write the second installment of Contact Center Slang.

Astute Solutions 2012 Customer Conference

Last month, along with other members of the 24-7 Intouch team, I attended the Astute Solutions 2012 Customer Conference in San Diego.

"You Said What?" - Contact Center Slang

Ever had the pleasure (horror more like) of listening in on your network administration team have a conversation about how the contact center actually works? 

You Responded, But Did You Answer the Question?

In a discussion with Martha Brooke, Program Director and Founder of Interaction Metrics, we talked about the importance of providing consistent and transparent communication to the customer.

Viva La Revolution!

As we move into 2012, everyone seems to be in agreement that a significant shift in consumer expectations and buying habits is occurring, and retailers and marketers alike are scrambling to keep up.

Setting Agents Up For Success

Part of providing consistent customer service is having the right people. Once you have them, you have to provide them with the right tools and knowledge to succeed.

We Have Choice

Seth Godin always has a way to concisely share insight while making you question your thought process. Well, I know this is the case for me.

Social Media Monitoring VS Moderation

These two words monitoring and moderation are sometimes used interchangeably and to someone new to social media management, they may be confusing.

The Contact Center Formula

Susan Sever, from Astute Solutions, posted a really interesting article on her blog about the perfect formula for a contact center.