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How Many Clicks Does Your Phone Call Take?

Ever sit at work, and think about the things you do on a daily basis? Take an email for example.

Customer Service is the New Marketing

In an interview with ZDNet, Get Satisfaction CEO Wendy Lea discusses the importance of online social engagement and how customer service has changed.

How To Improve Multi-Channel Customer Support

I recently read this article by Zack Urlocker for CRN. He outlines the customer service value of multiple channels, and how they must be managed to maximize their potential.

Chat and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Social Media today, is what chat was in the past: an emerging new channel.  Today, some of us have figured out our chat channel and those who have, are already one step ahead of the game in figuring out their social media channel.

Three Weeks Until Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday continues to gain momentum each year, although still considered a “little cousin” to Black Friday.  

Measuring Social Marketing

There are some doing it well, but it’s a still challenge many companies face. To be more specific, it can be difficult to measure its success.

The People Side of Performance

The success or failure of a project is frequently captured in black and white through its Key Performance Indicators. 

Going Beyond the Front Line: 24-7 Intouch Astute Certified Labor & Service Delivery

Many businesses are challenged with the ability to utilize their technology investments to their fullest potential.

Social Media Customer Service

Are you ready to use Social Media as a way to connect to customers? What issues do you think it will solve?

“The Medium is the Message” - Marshall McLuhan

It continues to amaze me how this notion still holds true in today’s age of ‘social’. Conceptualized and written in the 1960’s, McLuhan truly captured the essence