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A Love For Loyalty: Rewards Programs

Loyalty can be defined in many different ways depending on the industry or segment the topic applies to. For example,

24-7 Intouch Ranked Top Global Teleservices Agency

24-7 Intouch has ranked in TMC’s CUSTOMER 31st Annual Top 50 Contact Center Outsourcing Ranking, recognizing it as a top contact center in six categories.

6 Benefits of a Global Solution

There are several reasons why companies look to outsource their customer care programs to offshore locations. Increased cost savings are usually the first benefit that comes to

Drowning in Data: How to Make It Relevant

Data is created and hosted online faster than any of us could ever keep up with. The enormous volume, coupled with the number of platforms customers can reach out through and cloud hosting, causes the data to spread out in many directions. If not...

Dealing with Negativity on Social Channels

Negative comments are the biggest fear for companies when considering launching a social media community. Even with an active site, many brands ignore negative posts, allowing them to fester into a snowball of complaints;

We Judge Our Success On More Than Just Making Money

While we pride ourselves on financial discipline and efficiency, we are proud that we judge our success on more than just making money.

Best Practices for a Successful SMS Solution

Similar to social media accounts, text messaging or Short Messaging Service (SMS) feels more personal to consumers. 

Here’s my number. So text me, maybe.

Consumer habits are changing, and meeting their expectations for the way they prefer to be communicated to is imperative for success.

Fostering a Healthy & Positive Social Community

Social media communities, such as your Facebook page or community forum, can provide great advantages to a brand.

Learn, Unlearn

We often use the philosophy “Learn, Unlearn” to ensure we are delivering the highest quality in every aspect of our business. Immersing ourselves in the unique culture

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