24-7 intouch contact centers
24-7 intouch contact centers


Thought Paper: Employee Retention and Self-Service Technology in the Contact Center Industry

Attrition rates among frontline agents are double, sometimes triple, that of other industries, averaging between 30% to 45%, and this attrition does not decrease simply with wage increases. In fact 45% of Millenials will likely quit a job due to sub-standard technology.

We created a self-service technology, called Superpunch, to improve attrition rates across our global contact centers. Superpunch allows our agents to:

  • View their scheduled shifts
  • Receive shift reminder notifications
  • Pay themselves 
  • And much more

The results show up to a 50% reduction in attrition for newly hired employees within their first days.

Fill out the form to download our thought paper, and learn more about how our Superpunch technology can improve attrition for your brand. 

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