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Social Customer Care 2.0

Social media isn’t an emerging channel anymore - it's a necessity. We know that social media is here to stay, but the best practices for engagement will always evolve as our industry transforms. Voice support is a perfect example of this. Even though it’s been around for a long time, companies have had to keep moving the dial in ways like  incorporating brand voice, new technologies and customized IVRs.

Social Customer Care Teams will experience the same challenges to keep this channel fresh. That’s why we’ve outlined some helpful tips and tools to get the best out of your ever-changing social media care program.

Let’s Get Personal

Did you know that customers who experience a positive social media interaction are 3x more likely to recommend that brand? To stand out from the crowd, brands are personalizing interactions through their social support and Spotify is a great example of this. Their Social Customer Care Team is trained on expectations around brand voice and engagement, and then empowered to get creative with their responses. For example, they’re encouraged to use song titles, playlists and other Spotify brand elements when responding. They also spread customer love with "Random Acts of Kindness", surprising unsuspecting customers with a customized playlist based on their listening habits. This is a fun way to not only boost engagement, but also customer loyalty.

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It Goes Down in the DM

As part of the Social Customer Care evolution, new tools have emerged that make it easier than ever to direct message with customers. Tools like Apple Business Chat, Drift and Intercom allow customers to engage in a direct message conversation with the brand, have a guided shopping experience, receive responses to inquiries and make payments all in one spot - without ever having to jump from channel to channel.

Bots Are So Hot Right Now

Have you heard of these bot things? Yeah, they’re everywhere! Social Customer Care is no exception, as many brands are using chatbots to communicate with their customers. Chatbots allow immediate one-on-one attention and support, while also providing easy access to customer insights, such as questions that are asked the most and what responses prompt more interactions.

In Spring 2016, Sephora was the first beauty brand and one of the first major retailers to release a chatbot on Kik. The bot prompts customers to take a short quiz on things like their age, face shape and favorite products. From there, the bot is able to serve up personalized, relevant content such as makeup tips, how-to videos and product reviews. Most importantly, bots can also help brands enhance their FAQs and provide faster responses.

Have you heard? 24-7 Intouch announced their investment in AI technology!  

If you’re not moving forwards when it comes to Social Customer Care, you’re moving backwards. These examples are proof that an omnichannel approach to customer service is truly more important than ever before.

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