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The Contact Center Formula

Susan Sever, from Astute Solutions, posted a really interesting article on her blog about the perfect formula for a contact center.   Sever discusses what managers need to measure and the importance  of empowering agents. She describes this combination as TLC + KPI = ROI.

When agents are given the right information, they are better able to understand customers and provide them with the answers they are looking for. When this is done successfully, the customer gets what they need faster, they are happy, and the agent can more on to the next call or chat.

Sever says, "Offer support by way of one-on-one coaching, pairing seasoned reps with new reps to learn from each other and other mentoring programs.  Communication is effective not only when it comes from their direct supervisor, but from a team lead, another team supervisor or even a quality analyst within the organization.  When your agents are doing well, reward their performance.  Be sure to reward not just at the regular monthly meetings but also have a little spontaneous recognition, then they will always be on the ball, excited to see what can happen next!"

How do you empower your agents? Are their KPIs that you find more influential than others?

Visit the Astute Solutions blog to read the entire article.


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