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Thought Paper: Put The "Custom" In Customer Service

No matter how you try to spin it, customer service is NOT one size fits all. Every brand is different and has customers with unique needs and concerns. Creating a customized strategy for client partners results in improved client satisfaction. 

Case Study: Member Services Experience

Introducing membership opportunities is one of the best ways to gain loyal customers and brand advocates. It's important to ensure these VIP customers are receiving exceptional customer service when they reach out with questions or concerns. 

Case Study: Reducing Redundancies with AI

Filling out forms is easy… right? It just got a lot easier. Technology is transforming the customer service industry, and we are leading the charge with our Laivly tech division, building cutting edge solutions for our agents to work with every...

Thought Paper: The Power of Employee Engagement

An inclusive, dynamic workplace creates stronger employee engagement, but the ripple effect of this can become much more. Believe it or not, workplace culture can actually lower the workload for recruiting teams come ramp season. Here’s why:

Case Study: How We Win At Ramp

With ramp season in full swing, it’s important to think about how to not only survive, but to thrive during your busiest time of the year.

Case Study: Email Response Efficiency

Technology is transforming the customer service industry, and we are leading the charge for this transformation with our team at Laivly, by building cutting edge technology solutions for our agents to work with every day. 

Thought Paper: Recruitment Roulette: The Importance of Brand Identity


Finding candidates that fit a brand identity is invaluable in the customer care industry, where retention is constantly a losing game. Here's why: 

Thought Paper: Winning With Insights & Analytics


Diving deep into insights positively impacts customers, employees and the bottom line by creating: 

Thought Paper: Scaling Culture Through Transformation


It’s possible to defend and continue building culture, no matter how big a company gets. Some key things to keep in mind:

Thought Paper: Empowering Teams In The Age Of The Customer


Empowering customer care teams to make autonomous decisions might sound risky, but it’s more important than ever. How can you ensure that teams are equipped to give...

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