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"You Said What?" - Contact Center Slang

Ever had the pleasure (horror more like) of listening in on your network administration team have a conversation about how the contact center actually works?  There is an entirely new language and it can be intimidating if you don’t have some of the basics down.

Here is a list of 10 commonly used contact center slang words – so you can decipher the code.

DNIS = Dialed Number Identification Service

  • This is what your 1-800 number connects to inside of the contact center on the switch.

Switch = The platform that the contact center is using to take in calls. It then uses an ACD to route them to agents

  • This can either be hardware or a virtual one.

DID = Direct In Dial

  • The same thing as a DNIS (those sneaky people).

IVR = Interactive Voice Response

  • I am a Robot...I answer the phone.
  • When you have an IVR your 1-800 number goes to this, and then it points to the DNIS.

RESPORG = Responsible Organization

  • Example: “we will resporg the line”
  • What is really being said is that we are changing the responsible organization of the line.
  • This is done by having the 1-800 terminate onto the new RESPORG DNIS.

PBX = Private Branch Exchange

  • Does all the call routing internally for a larger organization (the call never left the building).

ACD = Automatic Call Distribution System

  • Takes the calls that land on the switch and routes them to agents.
  • Also looks after that classic on hold music!

WFM = Work Force Management

  • This is the team that optimizes the agents based on the incoming call volume.

VoIP = Voice Over Internet Protocol

  • Sends the phone information over the internet in packets.

Packets = The data units of your voice that are being passed over the internet

  • When you get that “crinkle crinkle” it is because packets are lost.

This is just a first instalment, next time we’ll focus on the slang words of the CRM world – what exactly is a verbatim?

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